Authentic Indian Cuisine - Montego Bay, Jamaica


Manchow Soup Vegetarian/ Chicken   $4.95

A thick soup made from finely chopped vegetables.

Sweet Corn Soup Vegetarian or Chicken  $4.95

Sweet corn cooked in a thick broth. A favorite!

Lemon Coriander Soup Vegetable/ Chicken  $4.95

A thick soup cooked with tangy lemons and fresh coriander.

Talumein Soup  $4.95

A thick soup made with noodles n diced vegetables.

Hot & Sour Soup   $4.95

A spicy and tangy thick soup to tickle your tastebuds.


Vegetable Spring Roll  $7.95

Juliennes of vegetables sautéed on a high flame wrapped in thin pastry.

Vegetable Manchurian  $8.95

Minced vegetables, deep fried n cooked in a soya based sauce.

Vegetable Chili Fry  $8.95

An assortment of vegetables sautéed on a high flame, tossed in our chefs special sauce.

Mushroom Chili  $11.95

Fresh mushrooms, coated n fried crispy, tossed in a soya based sauce

Crispy Corn Rolls  $7.95

Crispy corn kernels wrapped in a thin pastry.

Vegetable Schezwan  $8.95

Minced vegetables, deep fried and cooked in spicy sauce

Crispy Vegetables  $10.95

Vegetables batter fried. Simply delicious.

Chicken Manchurian  $10.95

Minced chicken, cooked in a soya based sauce.

Chili Chicken  $11.95

Boneless pieces of chicken tossed in a special chili sauce.

Chicken Schezwan  $12.95

Minced chicken, deep fried and cooked in a spicy sauce.

Chicken 65  $12.95

Boneless chicken, cooked in red chilli sauce.

Kungpao Chicken  $10.95

Boneless chicken stir fried with roasted peanuts.

Chili Fish  $12.95

Fillet of fish tossed in a special chilli sauce.

Fish Manchurian  $12.95

Fillet of fish deep fried served in a soya base.

Ginger Shrimp  $15.95

Shrimp cooked with ginger and a chilli based gravy.

Main Course

Manchurian Vegetables/Chicken/Fish/Shrimps  $10.95/12.95/13.95/16.95

Minced vegetables or meat, in a Manchurian gravy

Schezwan Vegetables / Chicken/Fish/Shrimps  $10.95/12.95/14.95/16.95

Minced vegetables or meat, in a spicy gravy.

Chili Vegetables / Chicken/Fish/Shrimps  $10.95/12.95/13.95/16.95

Cubes of vegetables or meat, in chefs special gravy.

Garlic Pepper Vegetables / Chicken/Fish/Shrimps  $10.95/12.95/13.95/16.95

Minced vegetable or meat, in garlic pepper gravy.

Vegetables/ Chicken/Fish/Shrimps with black bean sauce  $!0.95/12.95/13.95/16.95

Minced vegetables or meat in black bean sauce.

Rice & Noodles

Vegetables/ Chicken fried rice  $7.95/9.95

Shrimp Fried Rice  $12.95

Haka Noodle Vegetables/ Chicken  $9.95/10.95

Shrimp Haka Noodle  $14.95

Garlic Noodles Vegetables/ Chicke  $9.95/11.95

Schezwan noodle Vegetables/ Chicken  10.95/11.95