Authentic Indian Cuisine - Montego Bay, Jamaica


Tandoori Aloo  $9.95

Crispy potato barrels stuffed with a delicious filling of cottage cheese & green peas.

Mushroom and Baby Corn Tandoori Platter   $12.50
Stuffed mushrooms and babycorn marinated in tandoori spices.

Paneer Tikka  $10.95
Cubes of cottage cheese marinated in tandoori spices , grilled to perfection.

Paneer Achari  $ 11.95
Cubes of cottage cheese marinated in pickle flavoured spices.

Paneer Hariyali  $10.95
Cubes of cottage cheese flavoured with a variety of green herbs ,grilled in the tandoor

Paneer Peshawari  $12.95
Cottage cheese cubes in a moghlai inspired marinade ,delicately spiced.

Vegetable Seekh Kabab  $11.95
Minced vegetables marinated and baked in a tandoor.

Mystic Platter vegetarian  $19.95
Featuring our signature vegetarian appetizers. Tandoori Aloo,Tandoori Mushrooms and Baby corn, Paneer tikka and Pahadi paneer tikka.

Non Vegetarian

Tandoori Chicken $12.50 Half Or $19.50 Full
Chicken on the bone marinated in yogurt and chefs special tandoori spices & herbs.

Chicken Tikka   $11.95
Tender morsels of boneless marinated chicken, a speciality of the tandoor.

Tandoori Chicken Wings  $10.95
Chicken wings marinated in yogurt and  chefs special tandoori spices & herbs

Pahadi Kebab  $11.95
Boneless chicken marinated in a myriad of fragrant green herbs.

Achari Kebab  $12.95
Boneless chicken marinated in yogurt and traditional mustard flavoured pickle.

Malai Kebab  $12.95
Mildly spiced ,melt in your mouth chicken kebabs marinated in cream.

Reshmi Kebab  $12.95
Chicken in a cream and yogurt marinade with fragrant spices, grilled to perfection.

Afghani Kebab  $12.95
Chicken marinated in a saffron infused yogurt marinade, grilled to perfection.

Peshawari Kebab  $12.95
A Moghlai inspired, mildly spiced, boneless chicken creation.

Mystic chand kabab  $15.95
Marinated chicken stuffed with minced mutton and baked to perfection.

Mystic Platter Non vegetarian  $24.95
Featuring our signature non vegetarian appetizers. Chicken tikka, fish tikka, mutton sheekh kabab and boti kebab tikka.


Boti Kebab Tikka  $13.95
Tender boneless mutton marinated overnight in mystic’s classic red spices and a touch of yogurt.

Mutton Seekh Kebab  $12.95
Minced lamb marinated overnight in mystic’s special masala of ginger, garlic and green chillies, wrapped onto skewers and grilled.

Lamb Chops Tandoori  $28.00

Lamb chops marinated with tandoori spices, grilled to perfection.

Raan   (minimum 4 people)  $120.00

Seasoned to perfection, leg of lamb. A house speciality.

(We request a 24 hour advance order for this dish.)


Jhinga Nisha  $17.95

Shrimps marinated in exotic Indian spices and white wine ,grilled to perfection.

Lahsooni Jhinga  $16.95

Shrimps and roasted garlic, a delicious combination to stimulate the appetite.

Malai Jhinga  $15.95

Shrimps marinated in a delicate mixture of cream, yogurt and mild fragrant spices.

Tandoori Jhinga  $15.95

Traditional tandoori marinated shrimps, grilled to perfection.

Fish Tikka  $13.95

Boneless succulent fresh fish , marinated in our chefs special tikka spices & herbs

Pahadi Machi  $13.95

Boneless fish marinated in a myriad of fragrant green herbs.